Application Form of Excellent Awards for International Students, Hohai University

Published on 2017/6/2

I. General Provisions

1. The university established the Excellent Awards of International Students for the purpose of encouraging international students.

2. All international students that have been studying at Hohai University for one semester and above can apply for the awards.

3. The awards are assessed by adhering to the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, merit-based selection and quality over quantity.

II. Categories of Awards

The Excellent Awards include the Award for Academic Innovation, the Award for Morality, the Award for Students Activities, the Award for Social Practice,

The number of each Excellent Awards will be decided by International School.

III. Criteria

1. Students abide by the law of China and the rules of Hohai University.

2. Students study hard with more than 80% classes attendance.

3. The criteria of each specialized awards are as follows:

(1) The Award for Academic Innovation: Students have excellent scores. Students finish the academic papers as the first author (or as the second author, supervisor is the first author) in domestic and foreign journals.

(2) The Award for Morality: Students are kind, honest, always helping others who have difficulty.

(3) The Award for Students Activities: Students organize or participate actively (no less than two times) and get achievements.

(4) The Award for Social Practice: Students are enthusiastic about public service, attending the social practice organized by our university or college.

4. Each applicant can apply for at most two awards and accept the final decision of International School.

IV. Application and Assessing

1. Applicants shall submit the form and other documents (such as Transcript, copy of thesis, merit certificate) to international office.

2. International office on Changzhou Campus shall evaluate the application forms and name the candidates of the awards.

3. College of International Education shall make the final evaluation of the candidates of the awards.

4. The name list of the awards winners will be posted for 3 days.

5. The university awards each winner and grants the certificate.

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