Notice on 2017 Summer Vacation Arrangement

Published on 2017/7/6

Dear International Students,

The summer vacation is coming soon. In order to make sure that you and others will have a happy and safe holiday, please read the following notice:

1.     Time for the vacation:  The vacation is from July 8th to September 1st. September 2 and 3 will be the registration days. September 4 will be the first day of new academic semester, please prepare the return trip schedule before the new semester.

2.     Student Safety Precautions During Summer Vacation:  The summer vacation is the warmest time in Changzhou. Please pay attention to the use of fire and electricity. When you cook in the public kitchen or use the electric appliances in your room, please make sure to turn off the power supply after using or before leaving. If you go out, pay attention to your safety and always mind your personal belongings with you.

Wish you a happy holiday!

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